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Create Database in MySQL

Let's see how we can create a database, in phpMyAdmin from our localhost to access phpMyAdmin you have to visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ so that you can create a Database in MySQL.

Open your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

What is phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a free and open-source administration tool for MySQL and MariaDB. As a portable web application written primarily in PHP, it has become one of the most popular MySQL administration tools, especially for web hosting services. If you want to how to know to install the server on your laptop or pc you can see my previous article How to Install Server 

Create a Database

When you will visit the link http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ you will see the below screen.

However, for login to this admin panel, you have to use a username and password, normally most of the servers used the default user name “root" as we are using wamp server this is also the same. So what is the password?

Access Info:

Username: root
Password: no need to put any password leave the field empty

If you want to use MariaDB, you can select it from Server Choice, As we are using MySQL for our project, so we will leave it as it is and click on the “Go" button. 

Finally, we manage to enter into the admin panel. Let's Create Database in MySQL, now you have to follow a few steps to create a database. Firstly we will click on “New" from the left side database list area. Please have a look at the below photo to understand what I said.

Secondly, Now click on the “New" and You will see a new window, here you can write your database name. For example, I will give my database name “ournewdatabase" and I will click on the “Create" button. It will reload the page and create a database on the list and you can see it left side. Picture added below, please have a look.

In conclusion, Maybe if have a question what is my database name, username, and password?

Database Name: ournewdatabase
Username: root
Password: " " [no password is null]

However, if anyone wants to create a database they have to follow the same steps. When we will deploy we will use a paid server that time we will get a database password.