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How to Install a Local Server

How to Install a Local Server. To run a WordPress website on your computer you need to install a server on your local computer (PC). There is a lot of server on the market nowadays you can use any server list below.

Why do I need a local server?

A local server provides the same environment as your web host’s server, allows you to install/run WordPress trunk on your computer, and is an essential tool in contributing to the development of WordPress core. Your choice of a local server program will primarily depend on which operating system you run on your computer. There are a couple that works on multiple operating systems, and all will give you a solid local development environment.

What does AMP stand for?

Some local server programs have AMP in their name, which stands for Apache, MySQL (or MariaDB), and PHP. These are the same programs that are installed on your web host's server which allow you to run your WordPress site.

Steps to install a local server:

Download any server software online, most of the software companies providing the software free for use. We will install wamp server. Please click the link to visit wemp server website go to the download menu click on the download button to download the software.

Here is the little info about wamp sever feature, WampServer is available for free (under GPML license) in two distinct versions: 32 and 64 bits. Wampserver 2.5 is not compatible with Windows XP, neither with SP3 nor Windows Server 2003. Older WampServer versions are available on SourceForge.

wamp server

As soon as you will click on the download option, a pop-up will appear showing some warnings. Just don’t worry about these warnings rather simply click on the link “download directly” like shown below and move ahead with the download process.

wamp server

Initiate WAMP Server Install Process

When download will be completed you need to run the exe file to start installation, you will be asked to choose your preferred language and click the “Ok” button. As I’m choosing English here. You have to select the ok button to start the installation.

The next screen you will see is about the license agreement. Click on the “I accept the agreement” radio button and then the “Next” button to continue with the installation shown below.

Ready to Install WAMP

After Complete all the steps, Finally, you would see a ready-to-install wizard with a ready setup to begin the installation. Just hit the ‘Install’ button to begin the installation procedure.

WAMPInstallation Complete

The installation is almost done now simply click ‘Finish’ to exit the setup.

You have successfully installed the wamp server, so you can run the server and enjoy! For Learn WordPress and theme, also plugins, you can see our others post from the website. You can read about wordpress themes